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July 16, 2008


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When I first read your novel "Arizona Dreams," I thought it was kind of fanciful. Now I think maybe you didn't go far enough in how greed and lies will destroy this once wonderful place! Life imitates art.

Phoenix has been gang-raped by the real estate developers, but now she's in the ER and everyone has stopped to see if she'll regain consciousness. She won't. Now it's just a matter of time before the the sound of the flatline. The only sliver of justice we might hope for that maybe some of the late-comers will catch her STDs.

Are you sure Elliot Pollack is developer? I know Michael Pollack is, and I believe it the financial behind various large strip projects in Chandler and Mesa.

I knew Scott. He operated in the charitable community, but not the economic development community. He didn't really have the "polish" for that.

I felt very sorry for him when he died, because he was desperate to prove himself. And I think the WSJ reporter did a kick ass job. I posted on my own blog about Scott's death, and got so many negative comments when I said it was a suicide that I had to close comments.

It's a dream that some Arizona real estate people live in, and it refuses to die. Myself, I am In San Francisco.

Yes, Elliott has been a developer.

I agree with your idea but, there are different school of thoughts producing different ideas that has to brought into consideration.

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