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July 26, 2008


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The themes of the McCain campaign reek of desperation and hyperbolic negativity. It's not particularly advantageous to compare McCain to Obama for this reason. Obama's imperfections don't come across as blind spots whereas McCain's accusatory personality feels dangerous and mean.

Obama will probably win because he seems more mature and calmer than McCain. He's nicer and more likeable. McCain gets a few points for his white skin and a couple for his biography, but there's ultimately not much else there. Obama may be a rookie but his campaign has been extraordinarily even and disciplined. It's McCain who seems flummoxed by the demands of retail politics. His own sense of entitlement can't help but become his dominant if hidden message.

And who does McCain resemble more and more? Hillary, the other entitled candidate whose campaign foundered by underestimating Obama and then buried itself in bitterness and whininess.

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