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April 16, 2008


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Everything you say is absolutely right on. I have railed against the national media and its fawning and use of the word "maverick" to describe a man who is anything but...Still, the worst coverage has been by the Arizona Republic, which has been afraid for years to write or report anything that will ruffle McCain's feathers because upper management did not want to be on his bad side. Good stories routinely were derailed and hard reporting on him was discouraged. I had to laugh--or cry--the other day when the Republic finally did a story on McCain's temper. Old news, old examples and done now that it is safe to criticize him. Actually, almost two years ago, there was a story on the Republic website that never ran in the paper because McCain's then-campaign honcho, John Weaver, got upset about it. The Republic could have been at the front of pack, reporting on the real McCain. It chose not to and well, the chickens may well come home to roost in the form of a McCain presidency. The paper's coverage of their hometown boy is a national embarrassment.

True, and to follow up: He'll get probably 2 SCOTUS appointments, and you know what his litmus test will be. Goodbye Roe. Hello to his new "spiritual advisors" Hagee and Parsley, fine fellows there. As Jon said, if you're a vet, forget about education or better treatment when (if) you get out. With all his supposed "support the troops" bravado, he still hasn't signed the Webb-Hagel GI Bill. Yeah, that dismal voting record on environmental issues was actually a zero from the League of Conservation Voters. A ZERO, yet he's talked about as the "maverick" of the GOP when it comes to global warming. Let's get to the debates (where one hopes they'll talk about more than flag lapel pins).

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