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April 05, 2008


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Sad to see one of the view voices writing actual informed opinion about Phoenix is in - Seattle. I grew up here and love it, but boy can I see things really starting to hit the fan. I hope the populace wakes up to the crap they are being fed by local media and Goldwater Institute flacks. The prospects are admittedly dim.

As a resident of Tempe I find it particularly odd the Republic citing sports franchises as making something the center of Phx. Did the Cardinals leaving have much of a negative impact on Tempe? Hard for me to see any. So it is hard to imagine what exactly they have brought to Glendale.

I'm waiting for: "Scottsdale- the next Maricopa"

Glendale is the center of the valley, like the armpit is the center of human body.

It's the mini-tax subsidized las vegas of the phoenix metro.

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