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April 08, 2008


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The real problem is that the corporate media, not just the WSJ, made Greenspan into an all-knowing demigod in the 1990s, and, even though he's been responsible for two bubble-bursting recessions since, cannot admit any regret.

Most Americans believe whatever the corporate media report, about Greenspan, the never-ending war against Iraq, the impossibility of single-payer health insurance, the importance of how much Edwards pays for haircuts, etc., ad nauseam.

While I commiserate for those journalists affected by corporate media's job reductions (I was myself, a few years ago), the fact that corporate media are suffering, in part because of doing a lousy journalistic job, really does not worry me.

New Internet media are, in many markets, so much better than chamber-of-commerce-stenographing newspapers.

Because the new media tell the truth, without fear of what the advertisers might think.

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