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March 05, 2008


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Jon, if in-migration is tapering off it's only because the nation is running out of fun-in-the-sun yahoos, anxious to get to "the Valley" where the babes are, in the hot clubs on N. Scottsdale Rd.

In my oft-repeated experience (like, every time I visit), the prototypical driving experience in Phoenix these days: A leisurely weekend cruise going cross town, maybe on Camelback Rd., maybe on another major thoroughfare, right at the speed limit, and then looking in the rear view mirror to see the sunlight blocked out as a huge SUV with raised tires and tinted windows rides your bumper as if it were welded onto it. The driver? Not always the buffed-out redneck with the open can of Coors but often enough the spaced-out blonde with a cell phone in her ear. NOWHERE is driving anywhere near the mano-a-mano experience it is in "the Valley".

If there is a place where there is less respect for your neighbors, more self-centered behavior and an overall "screw you" attitude, I have yet to visit it.

Congratulations, Jon; you've ruined Christmas for EVERYBODY!

Speaking of the price of gas, let's talk about feeding the desert city. I was reading a comment on another blog by a trucker who was very agitated by the rising energy cost in transporting his cargo, and rightfully worried about the subsequent and potentially catastrophic rise in the price of food.

This will hit all of Urbania, of course, but cities like Phoenix & Vegas will feel it first and worst. At least you can have kitchen gardens in the midwest...

More bad news.

Disastrous holiday sales will force the biggest budget cut in Phoenix history:

And the tourism sector is beginning to feel the pinch:

Remember, things are always more serious than the local media report, and the "good news" is always more complicated, and rarely as good, as they claim.

Hey, Jon, what do you mean there's a decline in in-migration? They just busted a house in Avondale with 80 illegals! I'd say in-migration is alive and healthy!

When I read the article in the Arizona Republic that Jon is referring to, I couldn't have been happier! We can only hope that this in-migration will continue to drop until its right about a nice 1% growth per year - almost status quo but not quite. That may be the only way the lemmings who live in the Valley will wake up to the jokes our so-called political leaders have become and start to look for candidates that actually have an idea other than "growth" for the basis of our economy. What we need is some of those LEGAL immigrants from other states or countries to bring some new ideas for building the economy while protecting the environment and lifestyle of the desert Southwest.

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