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February 29, 2008


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Jon: Your article offers us deeper context for measuring the lifework of a man who changed Phoenix in dramatic and irreversible ways. Required reading for those who forgot or don't remember.

Thank you for the kind words on John F. Long. Your detailed account of his contributions to Phoenis is wonderful. Hopefully the local press will pick up on this opportunity and write a feature on Mr. Long's life. It is a shame the newer residents of the Valley don't even know Mr. Long. A friend of mine is writing a book on the history of Maryvale Golf Course, and attempted to interview Mr. Long earlier this year. A spokesman for Mr. Long indicated he was not feeling up to it. So, his passing was not a surprise, but non the less a big loss.

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Hopefully the local press will pick up on this opportunity and write a feature on Mr. Long's life.

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Thank you for pointing out the inadequacies of those who deem themselves journalists.

I too was proud of my John F Long home in the northeast valley. As a young couple fresh from NY we could not believe that we could own a new home with so little down.

We did have a minor repair done after moving in. The service tech said that he worked on many homes in the valley. Dollar for dollar John F Long gave the best value in his homes. I will always remember his words.

My children are now 46 and 44 and are now ways remember the "old" neighborhood.

Yes, MV IS A BARRIO! I feel sometimes like "MAYOR OF STARLIGHT PARK"....being the only documented human on my block. I personally am glad that Mr. Long may have had a vision for this Hispanic explosion, these folks have to reside somewhere and since we are a lawless- border less nation now...Maryvale fits JUST RIGHT!!! I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

So comes the new window coverings, "unmatched bed sheets", the desert landscape dirt yards, because the folks could not afford anything but the no down payment for their new casa. Known today as blight.

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