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Wow, I've never seen a list so extensive for the negative features of a city that truly has bad karma.

Great information to balance all the "positive" tourist chamber stuff.

I love it!

This may not mean much, but have you seen this?

Arizona is a worry i hope it recovers soon.

But looking at the bright side, it's still a DRY heat ... right?

Arizona is NECK DEEP in Crony Capitalism

Holy M'F'n MoG! I hope you've been compiling that for a couple of years at least. The Greek and Spanish cure is needed (and what is up with the lack of media coverage?).


Seriously, this is an awesome nexus of reference material. Thank you!

My god.
If I'd seen all this in one place 18 months ago, I'd still be in NC. Or NM.

Don't remember any public statements from former gov. Jane Hull in a LONG time. Has she gone mute? A lot of this litany would have caused her to regurgitate!

Hull is probably dead drunk for the last 15 years.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. I hate it when people say Arizona is at a crossroads. BS. The crossroads were a ways back and we took a right-hand turn. Everything that is happening to us is the logical outcome of right wing governance. In other words, we suck on purpose.

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