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June 19, 2017


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Always wondered how Jon managed to do it all.Now we know-16 hr. days.

Just read a Web site that was reporting a Phoenix hot spot of 128.8 and it's 70 in Seattle.

Now 66 at 5 pm.

Looking forward to the new book. Sixteen hour days are not pleasant. Edward Abbey advocated for working hard for the environment and then checking out to get into the desert. Wise, wise advice. Applicable for all of us no matter what our work lives are about.
Also, I have noted that the best creative ideas I get come when I am not working nonstop. I think that is why the goddess of travel invented road trips.
Happy Solstice.

Jon said,
God willing I will be back in September.
Guess like the evangelists,
Jon has NOT noticed,God was murdered by his trumphant stepbrother, The Donald.

"Keep Scribbling" Jon, see you in September.

Some excellent Front Pages

"Scared white people" turned the election, says UW Professor Christopher Parker, quoted in a Seattle Times column by Jon's colleague Danny Westneat:


The mantra from the Tea-Party right that makes a great deal of sense in light of this analysis is "we want our country back."

And the people the Pale faces genocided?

I already wrote about this:


Logging this in. New BEA data for 2015:

Arizona real per-capita personal income: $37,268, up 2.7 percent, vs. US average $43,996, up 3.4 percent.

Similar population states: Washington $45,349 and Massachusetts $53,624.

Arizona is only slightly more affordable than the national average.

Metro Phoenix $38,521, well below peer cities.

Now Bob Bobb can write another column saying this doesn't matter.


I just visited Once Upon a Crime bookstore in Minneapolis as my extended drift through the city continues. A fine selection of crime fiction novels but none by Jon Talton. While chatting with the knowledgeable store manager I suggested his latest novel be added to the store's inventory especially because it appears everyone here white has an elder relative living in Phoenix. Phoenix to those here really means Sun City, Surprise or Scottsdale.

The city of Minneapolis is surprisingly diverse, seemingly tolerant, possesses a lot of fine buildings and the job situation is very strong. Excellent public transportation system.

Good News and Bad News:

Sun in Nevada

H20 and the trump conflicted and unethical developers

How the 1 percent commit murder. legally.
Limpieza social American style,

My health insurance policy costs went down 50 percent in 2016. Bet they go back up in the future.

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