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January 18, 2013


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We were supposed to get a 24 hour diner in CityScape. That never happened and in its place we got an upscale nightclub called Gypsy Bar. http://www.gypsybarphoenix.com/

There are many good 24 hour spots: I like 5 & Diner on 16th Street and Guy's NY Pizza in Tempe (24 hour delivery service). We do need a 24 hour spot in downtown Phoenix though. We only have late night options (until 1 or 2 am) like Hanny's, Carly's Bistro, and Fez (in Midtown). Of course there is still an IHOP on Central.

Thanks for the history lessons. Very informative and detailed. I get bits and pieces from older family members but the cityscape has changed so much that they have trouble recalling locations of many stores they used to frequent.

Downtown Phoenix is like Sun City, the lights go out at 7 PM.

The after effect of too much coffee is to need to pee. That reminds me about my note on the last blog about Brewers brain.
I see she has hatched another PEE brain idea about pee testing folks. I only hope legislators have to go first.

Old Ed at Kren's at 6 A.M., the brothers that owned the Anchor Inn had a Russian surname, i can't think of it now, Shaeffer's at 7th st.; fond mem'ries of the graveyard shift at AiResearch!

Not the kind of coffee shop I wish we had, but there is the IHOP on Central near Thomas for those desperately needing a cup of joe and a booth in the wee hours.

Bill Johnson's Big Apple still serves breakfast lunch and dinner AND you can get a drink with any of the meals. Here's a link to my article. Sadly though, they finally got rid of the floor sawdust. http://javamagaz.com/September2012Page34and35.html

Mid 60s spots for me with my grandparents that lived on Seventh Ave and Glendale were:

Grubstake on Seventh Ave and Missouri or so. The Monster was their biggest and best hamburger and I remember the first time when I ate two by myself.

Puffs was on Osborn or Thomas and Seventh Ave. Great hamburgers and shakes.

Pine Cone steak house on Seventh.

My parents would take me to:

Woody's El Nido on McDowell (?)

Bob's Big Boy, of course.

Upton's, across from St Joseph's on Thomas.

Once I was 19, my beer drinking friends and I killed billions of brain cells at Jones Tavern on, I think, Seventh Street and Missouri. A cold Bud was 35 cents. They had a bowling machine that we would play on for hours on end. God only knows how we made it home safely.

Fond memories!

WOW. It's a real shame more folks haven't heard about this site, this article had exactly
what I needed today

Upton’s still is going but not open all night and in my opinion the coffee at I Hop is like dark weak water.
Woody’s El Nido was at about 200 West McDowell, next to Bert Easley’s adult fun store and across the street from the Bell Telephone building. Woody’s is now Macayo’s at 3600 N Central. Coincidently I am having lunch there tomorrow.
I had a personal experience with Bill Johnson and learned that he could be a very humble and caring person.
Too bad about the saw dust, gone like Rabbit.
The Busy Bee was near the corner of 1st avenue and Washington. The Police station was in the West wing of the Maricopa County Court House at 17 South 2nd Avenue. In 68 I had booked a bad guy into the city jail and at about 2 AM went to the Busy Bee for Biscuits and gravy as I recall. Upon leaving I stopped a car as it drove by very (“suspiciously”) slowly. Observation revealed a bag with money spilling out on the rear floor board. The driver denied its existence. I took said character to the Detective room at 17 S 2nd Avenue to run a background check. He was allowed a phone call while I ran the check. Shortly thereafter the night detective sergeant advised there was a phone call for me. I was ordered by a high ranking official to give the man the bag of money back and to let him go. I learned a few year later that this was the night take from Bugsy Siegel’s wire operation ran out of 12th Street Auto Parts by Gus Greenbaum and a relative of an attorney that would later become my divorce attorney.
I had less than a year on as a cop and was somewhat puzzled. Consequently I decide to think it over at Dunking Doughnuts at 8714 N 7th Street while having coffee and a cop doughnut before ending the night shift.

PS Jon dont forget Brookshires at 3rd Street and Dunlap! That was you sitting in the shadows in your Ambulance to go!

Mecca days, Mecca ways. Where hath thou gone.

Good old 13 Coins. A sister restaurant exists on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok. Thailand owner worked at 13 Coins Seattle while attending college. Now there is a late night city.

Note: For clarification Bugsy Siegel and The Greenbaums had been murdered by the Chicago mob for skimming before my stopping the bag man, however the Gambling wire that Bugsy and Gus had ran was still up and running when I was a young cop in Phoenix. And a number of old time cops were still around and in on the take. Charter government wasnt about getting rid of gambling but it did want to clean up the Phoenix police department. Charter government was about the dawning of a new day in crime, called zoning. And the outfit made a deal with Arizona politics to help make gambling look somewhat non existent in Arizona. The deal was not to allow legalized gambling to happen in Arizona. But that AG and others that insured that deal are gone. It's a new day in Arizona. The Indians got it( might want to follow the money there) leaving the gringo politicos to try and wring more bucks out of building houses.

I recall well the Big Sky Drive-In, perhaps for the wrong reasons...

Down the road apiece from the Big Sky was the Thunderbird Drive-In, nicer than the Big Sky, and it had a sand-covered play area. The two theaters were in competition, and the Big Sky was losing. The Thunderbird had the family fare market cornered, so the Big Sky became a sort of Cinemax After Dark, with campy, soft-core tease porn on offer.

Young boys in the neighborhood quickly learned that if one rode their bike out behind the theatre, it was easy enough to peek over the metal fence and see the screen. They pursued this activity with vigor. (Or so I've heard. It's not like I know myself, for I would never have done such a thing. Ahem.)

Kids today...they can access about 635.9 terabytes of anything imaginable, on their phone no less, while standing in the school lunch line. They will never know the secret thrill of balancing on a flimsy fence in the dark, hoping to be rewarded with a glimpse of sun-dappled breasts that were sixty feet tall.

Their loss.

Kids today... They will never know the secret thrill of balancing on a flimsy fence in the dark, hoping to be rewarded with a glimpse of sun-dappled breasts that were sixty feet tall.

Their loss.

Hear, hear. :)

One thing that can be said about Blogger.com - it's pretty good at filtering out spam-bots like "hot songs."


The only thing I know about old Phoenix is that the man who murdered my grandmother in an orange grove in southern California in 1945 fled to Phoenix and then committed suicide. Would love to find out more details about all that someday - she had an "interesting" life that might make a good book.

Happy Martin Luther King weekend everyone.

We had to agree to have a MLK holiday and in exchange we would get the Crudinals football team.

Boy did we get screwed.

Arizona already had the Cardinals by that time...I believe it had something to do with the Super Bowl.

What did you guys do with the real Jan Brewer?

"Gov. Jan Brewer unveiled an $8.9 billion budget for the coming fiscal year that follows up on her call earlier this week to put more money into programs that help Arizona’s more vulnerable populations, including children and lower-income families.

Her plan calls for $317.8 million in new spending in the budget year that begins July 1, with education getting the most generous share. Other priorities are child safety, technology and debt reduction.

Brewer’s plan to expand the state’s Medicaid rolls, outlined in her State of the State address on Monday, actually saves the state money, an estimated $82 million in the coming year."

Emil, it looks like someone at the Republic finally read your emails regarding the state actually saving money with Medicaid expansion.

Well we will see
here com da legislature

Coffee. Best Americano. Urban Bean

Yes, from what I recall, we lost our first shot at hosting the Super Bowl because of Mecham's negative input on the matter with his holiday rescindin'. Which reminds me that I participated in the protest marches on MLK Day two years running. The Republic caught me in one.

I Have a Dream

That's me at the bottom in sunglasses with the bandito mustache (defacement of the photo by my boss at the time, who had posted this on the bulletin board. It was a "conservative environment" - I had to burn a vacation day to participate in the march, after all.)

Nice photo Petro. The indelible marks add personality to the quality of the image. Strange thou, to mark you as terrorist.

Aside of Heart cafe on 5th street and Garfield is open 5pm-3am daily and does brunch starting at 10am Saturday and Sunday. Lots of options for food and drink, good stuff too.

Strange thou, to mark you as terrorist.
Typical conservative bloviating. To be fair, this was more than a decade before 9/11...

Ev and many like him considered blacks ("Pickanninys") terrorists. Its only recently that blacks have been told they can join the LDS. No rush sems to have occured.

Ev was a kook. I don't remember exactly, I think it had something to do with tax exempt status that persuaded the LDS to think again about their exclusion of dark skinned (Ev's Pickanniny) people.

I heard it was their god

Osama bin petro.

It doesn t quite roll off the tongue, but when it comes to looking cool petro has the other dude beat by a mile.

when it comes to looking cool petro has the other dude beat by a mile
Clearly, it's the mullet.

Where do atheists drink coffee on inauguration day?

Three bibles, Obama is swearing in on three Christian bibles? What about those of us that aint christian?

Listening to a BBC analysis of Obama and the inauguration and the religious symbolizing should be enough to make Tom and Abe roll over in their monuments. Made me turn my ear phone off and listen to the comforting wind on the mountain.

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