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October 25, 2012


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The Archdruid John Michael Greer has been writing about our Navy as well. After a series of illuminating posts, ending in August, on how various asymmetrical warfare events in history had taken out seemingly indomitable military investments - spears vs. chariots was one example - he has embarked on a delightful five-part speculative fiction on how it might go down today, speaking at one point of "analysts who spent decades trying to warn the Navy of the obsolescence of carriers in an age of cruise missiles."

The fifth and final installment is to be posted late next Wednesday, but here are the links to the first four, for any who might be interested (not for the faint-hearted - or the reactionary patriot, for that matter):

How It Could Happen,

Part One: Hubris
Part Two: Nemesis
Part Three: To The Brink
Part Four: Crossing The Line

Also, I noted back in 2007 (before the global crash devastated Dubai's Potemkin real estate boom) how the oligarchs were exploiting U.S. nuclear carriers as security "bouncers" for their luxurious gated community, plopped into the crime-ridden neighborhood of the Middle-East.

I think with missile technology where it is the US could probably cut way back on ships.


Petro looks like we were on the same wave, our posts were within seconds of each other.

Jon, I only posted that once?

Torpedoing the Boat

Goes to my point that the RNC has to cheat


I'm on my way to Phoenix for a few days, but must focus on finishing the new Mapstone mystery, "The Night Detectives."

Although the Romney neocons will use China to whip up fear and justify unquestioned military spending, actual military action will be against Iran. Netanyahu will receive a green light from a Romney administration to take overt military action against Iran.

The bully ethos of the neocons precludes direct military action against Chinese size and power. Neocon alleged Christian religious beliefs and warped interpretations of the Old Testament provide strong heartland America support for US military action backing Israeli military action whether the Israeli aggression is justified or not.

Jon Talton:

... as President Obama hinted at in his devastating bayonets-and-horses rejoinder to wealthy Republican financier Willard Milton "Mitt" Romney.

I agree. It was devastating. More than most pedants and pundits realize. He slit Romney's belly open there, and separated his intestines on the formica table for purposes of divination. Especially the latter part where Obama talked about "ships that planes can land on, aircraft carriers" and "ships that can go underwater, nuclear submarines". Like he was addressing a silver-spooned impetuous infant who hadn't thought very deeply on these matters. And who was instead, over-packed with echo chamber talking points...

That was the second time the blustering fool got out-blustered. Curiously the first time was the same situation. That is, Romney repeating the right-wing's echo chamber certainty that Obama hadn't called the Libyan murders an act of terror.

History will remember exactly those two things from these debates. Everything else goes in the dust bin. But one thing that should stick is the greater meaning of both moments: Romney got sucked into repeating the right-wing's echo chamber of lies, either because he didn't know better, or because he thought he could get away with it. No matter the cause. The result is what matters: It cost him his momentum and probably any real chance at winning the election.

The deeper lesson? This seems fitting to me:
Live by the echo chamber, die by the echo chamber.

Chrisindenver, left U a note on previous blog. U R welcome to join us for coffee and if your hungry I will buy you a scone or two.

cal lash at coper1658@gmail.com

We R doing coffee Saturday

Koreyel, I agree with your observations. The right has become a miss-firing automatic shotgun of sporadic bullshit. About the only thing they can agree on is NO Taxes for millionaires and NO abortions for rape victims. Just more of the religious whackos nutty tooth fairy thinking. Besides Romney’s financial crimes against non Mormons (and it’s also all right to screw other Mormons if they don’t know it) I think it’s a criminal act for any one capable of critical thinking to have more than one child in this Cowardly New World. I wonder how much bright white only in-breeding it takes to produce rambling idiots that appear to about to stroke out when under pressure.

There was a time in the US when the federal troops were on their way to cleanse Utah of the LDS. Now it appears that the LDS may be in charge of the federal troops. Scary huh! (Just a little info about scary> J Edgar Hoover is partially responsible, as when he decided to quit staffing with experienced street cops and go to lily white no experienced LDS personnel, it began a serious infiltration of government by the LDS. Particularly in the records and information gathering areas. Now who U gonna vote for?

Apropos to the theme of a bloated, yet ultimately ineffective, military:

A Failed Formula for Worldwide War

Excellent Petro

Thanks for the invite, but I won't be able to meet up at the next gathering. Too far, and I'm likely on duty. BTW, I read your blog on AZCentral until they yanked it. You got hosed. Heat City's article was pretty interesting; too bad the info center and Tempe PD had to lie.
Anyway, you can mail those scones to my physical address in Denver. I'll send you some Rocky Mountain Oysters.

PS: Two of my uncles are cops. One's a detective in Yuma; another's a deputy chief back East. You have my respect.

Chris I dont read AZ Central. What was that about.

When I was the PPD Union President my biggest foes and allies, all in one were the fire fighters and their Union. I grew up with a lot of them. I worked well with them and that pissed off a lot of cops that thought fire fighters were less than cops. A lot of history here I will leave out but now I see a lot of fat cops but not fire fighters, here they got their own workout place their own physicians and trainers, and last but not least their pin up calender

Cal, we'll create a pin-up calendar with you as the model for each month. Cal Lash, Mr. January, Mr. February, etc.

As for AZCentral, guess I mixed you up with a different dude. I'll send you the link.

Who'd you work under, Cal? Ortega? I was just a lil' whippersnapper (as my grandpa used to call me) when he was PPD chief. I am familiar with Bruno -- I met him a while back and was really impressed with him. I know that PFD rank-and-file loved him and while he was chief, the union always got along with PFD admin. Khan's a different story. The union hates him.

Chris, understanding PFD and PPD:


Thanks Jon. Even though I grew up in Phx, I didn't start to understand the political factions and infighting until after I left town, when I started covering City Hall in Boston. It's a whole different world out there.

You got that right Chris.

Cal eats vegan scones.

We make him sit at a different table.

Vegan scones?? What the hell is that about??

Chris, I was the admin Sgt. to Wetzel and later Ortega. And worked I/A for both. Ortega and I went to the same High School in 54. I was Alan Brunacini's parents paper boy in 53-54.
I believe he still owns and lives in the same house. The fire fighters I dealt with in 75, were Jim Weeks (he was on the city council) Dwayne Pell and Pat Cantelme. I sat the steam at the Y with Pats dad along with Jesse Owens, One eyed Jack, hot shot lawyers and other not so famous and some attorneys and crooks

Dear REB, U get my latest e-mail? ck your e-mail. U too electicdog.

Yes I eat vegan scones. However Chris mentioned sending me some rocky mountain oysters. Now as a young man there are two things I always took with me when it was hog castration time, a sharp knife and a fifth of whiskey. No the whiskey was not antiseptic for the hogs but was for the swigs I took
as after all we ate them raw

Cal, the LDS was well represented in the CIA especially prior to 9/11. The church's missionary requirement provides recruits with overseas experience which is in short supply in the US. More importantly, doing a top secret security clearance is much easier to accomplish on a typical insular living Mormon. Could you imagine, for example, what a top secret security clearance background check would reveal for some one like Azrebel or Ecleticdog?Just kidding lads.

Dear East Valley Name held upon request,
LDS well represented in the CIA?
That explains a whole lot.
It's more than about LDS
it's about Organized religion, the great enemy!
See the next post.
OH and PS, the Apache AZREBEL would have been an excellent choice for the CIA.

Chrisindenver, I need to clear up some bullshit here. Given how you voted last time and how you feel as a result are understandable. Obama screwed up, playing a game of lay back and shooting for the 3 pointer when he should have been taking the game to the hoop. What did you expect from a rather introverted guy with no world experience? A guy brought to power by the corrupt Chicago political machine. Hell his VP was made by Russell Bufliano at the request of Jimmy Hoffa. But make no mistake, I believe his opponent is a glib hollow empty shell of bullshit, the typical LDS pots and pan and Amway, slick Willie, salesman. I grew up with the Mormon Pots and Pan guys. These guys were good looking boys that got way past some house wives kitchens with their wares. Romney is Elmer Gantry, he just don’t drink the whiskey. But I can guarantee you win or lose he will be selling the world more of the Bain same. Personally I think Romney is a nice guy and I don’t think Romney has the balls to gut the poor and make them the slaves of the rich but some folks very close to him would like to do just that. Plus he will put LDS LLC theocracy on the face of the world just as Jihad has defined the word of Mohammed. These crazy religious kooks are the greatest danger “manunkind” faces. However I think one has to only answer to oneself and if you want to not vote, vote for the DNC or RNC guy or some third party person or just write my name in, go with what you feel best about and can look at 50 years from now and say I felt good doing that. Who am I voting for, I like Carlos Slim Helu but he is not running. So like I have since I was old enough to vote, I will make my mark and it’s nobody’s bees wax.

Before I lay down with the fishes
"Typical insular" what bull shit, no wonder the Feds are ineffective.
You want a job done you send a bad MF
not a typical insular.
LDS Missonary experience for the most part is a bunch of kids running scared.
And I support countries that ban religious missionaries of any faith.
Bad Mf'S, Same goes for presidents
and curently there are no bad MF's running.

Thanks Cal. I'm growing weary of the incessant criticism of my decision. Please, everyone, respect my decision and let it go.

You have my total respect. We're a passionate bunch here, so please don't misunderstand that as an attack on you.

Wow, talk about pressure. We had a meeting of the Phoenix chapter of Rogue Nation with the CEO of Rogue Nation in attendance.

You never know who is going to attend these meetings. We had the pleasure of having an old prospector from the 1880's at the table. While we enjoyed his company, we were a bit uncomfortable having his donkey grazing on the grass in front of Park Central.

It was decided that since the Rogue Super PAC has a current balance of $0, we will have to rely on the support of the "Educated voters of Arizona" to make the right choices in the upcoming election.

That should allow me sleep soundly tonight.


(It was a pleasure meeting you Boss. You are much handsomer in person)


In case you haven't noticed, I support you 110%.

I haven't voted for one of the two party (really only one party) candidates for over 20 years.

I vote with my convictions and I sleep like a baby.

When I'm standing at the Pearly Gates and they ask, "Did you vote for one of the two corrupt parties", I will answer, No Sir, I didn't.

And they will say, "Come on in, you are a man of principles. You have 77 virgins waiting to greet you."

And I will ask, "Just by chance, have any of these 77 virgins been with Cal?"

And they will say, "Hey, we just work here. We're not miracle workers".


While we enjoyed his company, we were a bit uncomfortable having his donkey grazing on the grass in front of Park Central.

Goddammit, did I not make it clear that I called dibs on the grass?

Boy talk about a bunch of old ships for the bone yard. Virgins and Bone yard reminds me I was 8 before I was seven.

Well, I feel better. I don't know if it's the funny and reassuring comments I just read, or the fact that my shift (Engine-1, Medic-2) just resuscitated a cardiac arrest.
I'm ChrisInDenver, and I approve this message.

Chris have you read the Engine 2 diet book from the firefighter in Austin?

By the way, Jesse Ventura appeared on the Howard Stern Show in late Sept. to discuss politics and plug his new book. I'm not a Libertarian -- I think Ron Paul is confused about what he wants from the federal government and his son is just an F'ing moron -- but I do find Ventura interesting and he has some good ideas, 9/11 notwithstanding. (Disclaimer: One of my uncles was a passenger on AA Flight 11, so I'm a little biased against 9/11 conspiracy theories.)
Ventura told Stern he would only enter politics again if Stern would agree to be his running mate in the 2016 presidential election. I think that would be compelling; love him or hate him, you can't deny Ventura would be honest to a fault. The man would tell us what we don't want to hear.

No. Is it interesting? I am the shift cook, so if it's healthy, i'll look into it. Nick Brunacini wrote a book years ago that detailed his career as a member of PFD -- "Memoirs of a B-Shifter". That was a great book.

It was great to see you guys today! A welcome break from the book.

Glad the Taltons can enjoy some of "the sweet season" (Jon's term) that has just begun . . . after a summer from hades. Now through Thanksgiving is usually a wonderful time of year in Phoenix.
(PS: we left the Oregon coast 10/12 and it has been almost non-stop rain ever since.)

Panetta, " when the world calls we have to respond.” Really?

This assumed "worlds cop role" is bankrupting the USA! How many hundred million does it cost to keep two carrier groups in the Middle East? Several!

We should have been listening to Malthus, Abbey and the like.
As my friend Chuck says, "Nature Bats Last"


That was a nice Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed it, but I must head back to my claim, least it be jumped.

"...attorneys and crooks"... cal, you repeat yerself! I'll check my e-mail tonite too.

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