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December 13, 2011


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I thought I felt a ripple in the force.

The Master is here.

Funny you mention Sky Harbor design.
Today at about 4:30 PM I picked up my grandson at terminal four after his flight from Austin, a real city. As we drove out he commented on the design as not to cool. But whats he know a 19 year old with a BA in Computer Science. And as usual the Arrival and Departure signs were almost completely out of sync. But there was a nice view from the 9th floor parking garage area.
Good cloud and sunlight mixture to the south. AZ Rebel that ripple you felt was just a big groan from the east valley when they learned Jon had landed back in Phoenix

I flew into Austin-Bergstrom "International" Airport once...I thought to myself: "Where's the rest of it?" It is smaller than one concourse of Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor and thus, extremely unimpressive. Austin is OK and the best part is the cool, old downtown area with the 2 cool streets. Other than that it is just a tiny Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio.

Welcome home Jon; I'm going to be making my way up to Flagstaff to hit the slopes and Aspen/San Francisco St...

Google walkable cities including Austin phxsunfan

Now in Portland (since 2003) after 18 years on and off in Phoenix and Tucson (for college). I still grow nostalgic this time of year. We used to live in Ashland Place, across Central from Willo. Wonderfully narrow streets, vintage street lamps, leaves falling from the trees that made it through yet another summer. Luminarias in Willo were a special treat, as was sitting out back by the chimenea on a chilly December night. The only thing that could break the spell was to drive south on 3rd Street, then head east on I-10, into the Phoenix Metro's "99%"..........

I've been there, Austin isn't very walkable once you leave Congress/6th Street and some of the surrounding downtown areas. After that it is a sprawling, humid Texan city...

Your entitled to that opinion. but i disagree!

By the way what city have u not been too?

As for large cities, Austin ranks 31st most walkable and Phoenix...33rd. They receive similar overall walk scores.


My favorite city is anything less than 3 people.

Haven't been to some cities furthest from military bases...I've been to most of the largest however. All the Texas cities due to Ft. Hood, Lackland, Ft. Bliss, etc.

So that excludes Omaha, Des Moines, Tampa, Annapolis, Birmingham, and most of the mid-sized cities.

Cal, that's why I'm surprised you like walking around Austin. 6th St is usually packed!

Well, hell, if we're blogging about Austin, about 18 years ago I fell in love in a topless joint north of Austin. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get her to move back to Arizona. What a body. Talk about walkability.

Not after 2 AM

Downtown is almost there. CityScape and the new "Legends" entertainment lighting make for a place that I can show visitors "Downtown PHX".

Before I'd focus on Mill Ave or drive them from The Biltmore Area thru South Scottsdale.

Every big city must have an ice skating rink downtown during Christmas. :) Done!

As far as Sky Harbor goes, I love the Phoenix bird floor mural - Terminal 2, I believe. It welcomes me from Seattle rain to Phoenix sunshine. Hope all you have a great holiday! I miss the sunshine,Clarendon pool, and Charlies!

Ice skating in Phoenix is like snow skiing in Dubai. I liked Terminal one.
A one story affair and you could bring lunch and sit on the roof.
For you High rollers the Portland has Kung Fu Girl Riesling back in stock. And JD And Alberto are there.

Cal and I are plotting at Park Central Starbucks

The only thing that could break the spell was to drive south on 3rd Street, then head east on I-10, into the Phoenix Metro's "99%"..........

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